Center For Financial Engineering

Being a professional investment advisory company established in 2007, CFE has more than 15 years of experiences focusing on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, corporate governance, operation management, corporate finance, restructurings and M&A.

CFE respects the confidentiality and server for your best interests. CFE understands that the benefits of CFE are tied to the best interests of you. CFE receives its performance fees only when the deal is successful and CFE commits that there is no conflict with clients’ interest at any time. CFE is not only an advisor, CFE has actually experiences in operating and managing several companies, projects and portfolios.

Financial Innovation

Under the “low profile” strategy for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals in Vietnam, it is not easy to find information about CFE. You can find CFE right in the network that you trust most.



CFE is an financial and investment professional advisor for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals in Vietnam.


The sole place in Vietnam where you can exchange and share knowledge, skills and experiences, which have been successfully proved in the investment and finance domain.

Comprehensive Solution
plus valuable experience in implementation
create high added value and reduce costs

The question is not "it should be done or not" but "how we create sustainable value". CFE is proud to be a leading company in Vietnam that can support you in creating your organization’s strategies and deploy in a logical and effective way. “DO THE RIGHT WAY” is the key to ensure success.

Low Profile Strategy

Right beside you

Following the "Low Profile" strategy, CFE believes in and pursues the philosophy of "Leaders without titles". All work that CFE’s team performs is for the sake of the client's goals and best interests. There is no conflict of interest with customers, nor any conflict of interest with the customers’ organization or personnel. CFE's point of view is to develop the existing team, train the team to the next levels and transfer management technology to customers so as to achieve their sustainable development goals.

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